Special Exemptions to Discriminate

Civil Rights Museum

It seems a large number of Christian folk feel persecuted and attacked these days.  I’m sure they feel the Gays and the Seculars and the Muslims and Anyone-Who-Doesn’t-Believe-As-They-Believe are out to destroy their faith.  It must be an awful delusion feeling.

Long ago when I was an Evangelical, I remember feeling the evil of the world was out to get me.  The more I imagined people hating me, the more I felt I was SO SPECIAL to God.  It was a badge of honor to imagine myself a Martyr for the Lord, whenever someone would not pray with me, not take a bible from me, or refuse to agree with my own brand of the gospel.

This Atlantic article says it well:  Most American Christians Believe They’re Victims of Discrimination

I still find it amazing–if not amusing, to some degree–when the most privileged, dominant, exceptional group stomps and whines that THEY are really the most oppressed and persecuted.  What a joke.  Except when it isn’t very funny.  These folks have No Idea how to actually Practice the “Golden Rule.”  These folks think they can deny rights and act unjustly toward anyone else they don’t like, all in the Name of God “Religious Freedom.”

Many have said it and are still saying it:  there is no government that Protects and Defends true Religious Freedom like a SECULAR government.  When One Faith is allowed to dominate and decide (and legislate), all suffer.

As I often say, Thank Good for the Separation of Church and State in this Secular Nation.


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