Blue State, Red State or Green State?

Boulder, Colorado

It’s electrocution election season and everyone’s charged and juiced up for a shoutdown scrappy fight.

Not everyone.

After driving 5000 miles across 12 states all we saw was blue sky (astounding clouds), red sunsets (when it wasn’t raining), amber waves of grain and corn and rice (beyond the junky malls), crystal clear or muddy brown streams and endless green forests and fields.

Politicians who bluster and blabber to bamboozle us are a tiny squeak up against the thunderstorms and tumbling waterfalls.  A salivating salesman pipes on about making America “great again.”  Ha!  Send him to our true greatness:  the National Parks, and the wonderful diversity of travellers and townsfolk across the vast land.  As Muir said, nothing like a good baptism in the beauty of Nature!

That’s about as political as I can be right now, listening to the songbirds and looking up toward the wooded hills of the Blue Ridge.


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