Easter Reflection: For God so Loved. . .except when

God loves you

In my Evangelical days I gave out Christian booklets and bibles all the time.  The more I spread around—the more I knew God was happy with me.  God loved me so much.  God loved everyone. . .except. . .when they didn’t believe in Him the way I believed in Him.  God was So Hurt when someone didn’t believe.  In His deep grief, he spent one of His days of creation (or a late-night hour?) constructing a fiery prison to torture His unbelieving children for eternity.

My old self and my “brothers and sisters in Christ” would quickly correct me here:  “No!  You have it all wrong.  God loves everyone, even nonbelievers.  People CHOOSE to be punished when they turn away from His Love.  It really hurts God so much to see someone turn away from Him.  It’s their choice, and it’s very sad.”

As I’ve said for years, just imagine YOU were God.  You loved this little girl (see photo)–maybe your own daughter–and she didn’t love you back.  You felt sad, grieved, maybe angry sometimes.  Would you build a special torture chamber to burn her alive for eternity?  Of course not, I hope!

The Christian message, made graphically clear every “Holy Week,” is that “God so loved the world” that He sent His Son Jesus to die for you and me because of our terrible sin of not loving Him enough.  If you spend a few minutes and really think about the message, it’s not really very loving, is it?

Don’t you wish just once. . .just once. . .a minister or priest would stand before their congregation on Easter and tell the story this way?  Do you think people would walk away thinking this is “Good News”?

Have a Wonderful Spring.  Enjoy the Beauty of the World and the Goodness within yourself and others.  Maybe these ancient stories need to be left in the tombs out of which they emerged?  Then more people might feel free to really love.


6 thoughts on “Easter Reflection: For God so Loved. . .except when

  1. The Bible says hell was made for the devil and his angels. Never meant for humans. But God is not a dictator and will not force you to choose Him. You are free to choose life or death and accept or reject Him. Obviously, if you reject Him and Heaven, there is only one other place which is with your master of sin, satan. Children do not understand their choices until the age of accountability which is why there are no kids in Hell. God is not like satan as you would like to believe. He loves you. He still does.

    1. Wow, impressive, ghhfd. You certainly seem to know a lot about eternal punishment. No kids in hell? So the billions of children of other faiths and no faith just get to be in heaven with you and yours? Sounds hellish to me. That kind of God may “love me,” but I sure wouldn’t choose to love him.

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