America: A Corporation, A Church or A Country?

While the world watches (or yawns), the Election Show is on every screen, every channel.  Clown Act, or Serious Business?  Unfortunately, a mixed up mix of it all.

I don’t venture much into Politics, but leadership matters.  In my opinion, many “leaders” are undeserving of the convenient label, but now and then someone appears who seems to take the title seriously, with a “humble sense of pride” and maybe some good old fashioned Common Sense.

Anyway, I’ll spare you the rest, for now.  Here’s what I woke up with this morning after so-called Super Tuesday.  Now, it’s just What’s Next Wednesday.

Seems some clear choices are before the American People.  The Divider-in Chief, the Diplomat-in-Chief or the Dictator-in-Chief:

Fairly easy to guess my choice. . .and it only makes it clearer when I consider that:  America has had 44 Presidents in its 240 year history and they have all been men.

We’ve had one of the smartest (mostly freethinking) presidents in our history for 8 years.  I found myself many times being very proud to be a citizen of the USA during Barack Obama’s terms.  He’s made mistakes and could have done more. . .but then again, a president cannot (and should not) lead alone.  I wonder how anyone else would do up against the whining Party of NO–the Piety Party?

Personally, I think it’s time for Her. . .the Diplomat-in-Chief.  Reasonable people are holding their breath.  We’ll need more than prayer and “God’s help” if the Preacher Politicians get the Power they crave (Theocracy here we come).

Is America a Corporation, a Church or a Country?  The choice has never been more graphic.  Please, vote.  And vote with Common Sense and Reason, the “Party” we most need now.

{btw, I think Sanders’ voice needs to be heard.  I think he has some good ideas and his economic views should be considered, but I just don’t see him working with others, and I don’t think he is the kind of diplomat we most need.  He will only drain votes from the only one who can send The Donald back to his Corporations and The Ted back to his Church}



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