A Lifetime of Wonder. . .

Through the Redwood Doorway (Highland, 2016)

Weeding through old papers (and shredding old journals) I found this scribble on a page, written in my one-room forest cabin on the island in 2006:

We, inflated bags of water and air as we are, have inflated our own importance on the planet (let alone the solar system, the universe).

We are a blip, a drip, on the evolutionary screen and stream.

What if the deity is actually a spider, a bumblebee, tree or the water itself–fully natural, completely Nature, completing Nature–a complete whole, organic, alive, undying, eternal–Nature?

If we need a god, why not an atom?

Our largeness, our gross, deceives us.

Yet, we are primarily H2O and bacteria. . .


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