It is Time for a Non-Christian President

Is this a Star Trek dream?

In a country where Christians are persecuted dominant, there has never been a non-Christian President.  No surprise.  In this excellent article by Sreedhar Potarazu on CNN, he asks questions that need to be asked over and over in a “free and pluralistic” nation.

We cleared a big hurdle in 2008 [electing a non-white president]. We may clear another in 2016 [electing a woman]. But religion may well be the biggest hurdle of all, especially while we are waging a war against religious extremists who are hell-bent on destroying Western civilization.

But the question nevertheless must be asked: Can we, the citizens of the greatest democracy on earth, elect a president who is not a Christian? And if we do, can we then evolve to the point that the president’s religion isn’t an issue … isn’t even worth mentioning?

-Note:  I may disagree with the writer about “progress” when public schools close for more religious holidays (with so many, would there be time for education?), and I think he could have stressed the need for a non-Religious President, yet, he is raising monumental questions for our future.



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