Signs of the Secular Season

Cascade Mountain in Winter

It’s the time of year again to either do the Santanic thing worshipping a huge white guy who tracks reindeer poo into homes across the world. . .or do the Babygod thing which is much cleaner and more sanitary (though legend has it he was found in a stable surrounded by animals).


It’s the season to get a smile or smirk from the Secular Chaplain Posters while simply staying awake for the good natural light and beauty of Nature, family, friends or quiet times of winter nesting.

Happy HA!Days (Heretics Anonymous)

2 thoughts on “Signs of the Secular Season

  1. It’s always time for God and Jesus.

    GOD is omnipotent positive energy period and Jesus stands for love, compassion, empathy, patience, forgiveness, non-judgmental ,etc.

    Blessings, Emma

  2. Thank you for visiting and “sharing” your “positive energy” with us. You’ve certainly convinced me your beliefs are the best of all beliefs. And, please, have a very merry–and “non-judgmental, etc”– Christmas!

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