War on Prayer, War on Christmas and Lying For Jesus

Jesus lie

Self-Sainted Todd Starnes is at it again.  Lying for Jesus.  Of course, it’s his job.

Now his FAUX outrage is against the godless demons like the Secular Chaplain. . .you know, the Freedom From Religion Foundation and the ACLU.  Why?  Because a public high school in Indiana can no longer claim Christian privilege and allow a Nativity Show.

Ban on Baby Jesus

The judge (why does this always have to go to a judge?) said,

“The living nativity scene impermissibly conveys an endorsement of religion and thus runs afoul of the Establishment Clause.”

God’s Liar Starnes really has his Christmas Shorts in a twist over this.

“The Freedom From Religion Foundation and the ACLU of Indiana had filed a lawsuit on behalf of a family whose child is in the production.

The FFRF and the ACLU are anti-Christian bullies — vicious rabble rousers — on a crusade to eradicate Christianity from the public marketplace. They will stop at nothing to silence followers of Christ.”

Our Religion can’t be the center of attention!  Whaaaaa.

That’s not FAIR!  Whaaaaa.

So, what does Rev. Whiner call his FAUX followers to do:

“Once again a public school system is under attack from an activist judge doing the bidding of a bunch of godless bullies.

The school district needs to stand up for religious liberty and disobey Judge DeGuilio’s unconstitutional ruling.”

In other words, break the law.  Brilliant.

Oh, maybe His Liarness will pay the court costs?

The Godless Bullies (like me) who challenge Christian Bullies taking over the Public Square to be the center of attention, are just so, so, so God-Less!

Cleaning up his drooling mess of lies, the Hot Toddy ends with this lament:

“Then again, anything is possible in today’s fundamentally transformed God less America.”

Yes, yet another Public School has to go to court (wasting time and educational money) to stop the Christ Crusaders from claiming everyone and everything for Jesus.

And WE’RE the bullies. . .



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