True Believers


“Give me your tired, your poor, your homeless. . .AFTER they’ve been screened and vetted by Homeland Security, THEN they can come in to be hounded, harassed and treated with suspicion (and we really prefer Christians).”

-words on the Statue of Liberty (as read by Re-Publicans)

Repub Jesus

Many Muslims are speaking up to condemn terrorist attacks in the name of Islam (#notinmyname; #notallmuslims; etc).  A good first step, and this voice needs to grow much louder.

Now, maybe, more Christians will speak out to condemn the fear-mongering (verbal terrorism) of our Preacher Politicians who LOVE to talk about their faith when it serves them.

But ‘Publican JC is BIG right now, isn’t he?

(He may even be taller than Lady Liberty!)

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