Dangerous Words, Dangerous Ideas


It’s happened again.  Another freethinker, freespeaker, has been killed for

. . .thinking and speaking.

Faisal Dipan (BBC)

Cut down by the sharp blade of supernatural belief.

Why is it that “believers” and “followers” are so afraid of words and ideas?

How is it possible for people who say, “I believe in a God of Love” and “I follow a Religion of Peace” to act so violently?

Are More Words and More Ideas more dangerous than Fewer Words and Fewer Ideas?

Keep thinking about that.

And speaking.

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2 thoughts on “Dangerous Words, Dangerous Ideas

  1. The sacred and taboo go together. The taboo is challenging the sacred, particularly because the sacred cannot stand on it own and must be protected at all cost from criticism and reason.

    Tragic is this “sacred”–especially when innocents are hacked to death at the hands of followers of the sacred.

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