Why I Support the Satanic Temple (and You Should Too–after You Faint)

Scary, Silly or Sensible?
Scary, Silly or Sensible?

Alright, calm down.  I’ll make this quick and painless (maybe).

In many places where Fundagelicals and Evangementals (fun wordplay here) are having lots of fun dropping Ten Commandment monuments or Massive Crosses on public property and trying their damnedest blessedest to get our kids, courts and congress people to pray and pray and pray (to Jesus–the only Real God Out There to pray to). . .in many of these places, the forked-tongue-in-hot-cheek Satanic Temple gallops up to offer a Constitutionally protected alternative:  If YOU are going to force your Religion on the rest of us, here WE come to claim our Fair Representation!  Some Hindu and Humanist groups have stepped forward as well.

The point is to affirm True Religious Freedom and fundamentally fair Free Speech.

Makes sense to me.  I support that wholeheartedly.

Here’s the latest:  Satanists offer School Invocation (the case of the WA Coach who prays on the 50-yard line after high school games).  This coach has become an Evangemental Hero to many, so that (exclusive) American community can now experience a taste of Pluralistic America.

Do I like everything about the Satanists?  Um, ah, well, I suppose NOT.  Then again, how many religious groups do I support?  Right.

What I most wonder about, while watching these Battles of Beliefs, is:

Where are the Seculars?  We need to be much more organized to do just what the Satanic Temple is doing, to follow their model, maybe without the “shock value.”  Or maybe the shock is better?  A few Secular Chaplains could do the trick.

On the other hand, I always have to ask, Where are the “Progressives”?  You know, those who stand on the sidelines and yawn, saying things like, “Oh, come on, it’s JUST a prayer, JUST a cross in a public park, JUST a motto on a police car, JUST a Christmas display at town hall, etc, etc.!!  I don’t have much time for these folks.  I don’t see much “Progress” in these “Progressives.”  They don’t see the bigger picture, or feel the exclusiveness of  sectarianism in the public square.  They actually don’t seem to get the Constitution, or fairness or basic equality. . .though they say they do.

Anyway, Hallelujah for the Satanic Temple!  Crap, I know Someone out there (UP there?  DOWN there?) will want to punish me for saying that!


6 thoughts on “Why I Support the Satanic Temple (and You Should Too–after You Faint)

  1. Partly, shock value is the whole point. It forces evangelical groups to either yield to the consequences of their own “freedom of religion” claims and provide a public podium for TST, which for them is anathema; or else withdraw their original claim. I very much doubt it’d work anywhere near as well with secularists.

    But also, the important part with TST is that they actually get to claim religious status, which, unfortunately, is still advantageous under various US federal and state laws. Look at how TST did a follow-up on the Hobby Lobby decision – their entire argument there hinges on their status as a religion. Atheists can’t play that trick.

    1. Ah, yes, you make good points. I do wish sometimes more alternate faith groups would step forward and stand for equality. The best might be “interfaith” coalitions that include seculars, which some do.

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