New Film on Chaplains

A Civil War Chaplain
A Civil War Chaplain

My wife just returned from the World Parliament of Religions in Salt Lake City.  The trailer for a new film on Chaplains was screened.  It looks like a fairly broad and interfaith presentation, though Secular/Humanist chaplains don’t seem to be included (or Pagans or Hindus for that matter).

As I watch the film I’ll be asking some questions:

-What do people mean by “spiritual counseling”?

-How do these chaplains handle non-believing clients?

-Is there any passive or active proselytizing?

-Could there be room in this presentation for non-theist chaplains?

-As the film itself asks, what about separation of church and state?

At least this producer is recognizing some positive contributions of a chaplain as a supportive, compassionate presence.  We’ll see what the overall message is in this documentary.  I hope the questions raised will lead to deeper and wider exploration of the meaning of chaplaincy.


2 thoughts on “New Film on Chaplains

  1. Chris, thanks for the post, I am interested after watching the trailer! Great questions to be asking as well- I look forward to reading your response after watching the film.

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