An All-New God. . .Courtesy the U.S. Marines!


Leave it to one of our finest. . .another Preacher with Guns. . .to bring us an all-new and improved deity!

This, from Friendly Atheist

Colonel Sean C. Killeen, USMC, responded to the MRFF’s earlier objections about the “God bless” sign with the rather unconvincing claim that “God bless” is really a secular, non-religious expression:
“God Bless” is commonly used in our culture in a number of contexts and there are numerous references to God in this nation’s symbols, songs, mottos and oaths. This sign has the secular purpose of conveying a message of support, does not advance or inhibit religion or any particular faith, nor does it foster excessive government entanglement with religion.”

I suggested that the word “God” on the sign have an asterisk.  Below would be a list of ALL Gods (it would be a very Big Sign!).

OR. . .it would be a disclaimer, saying, “We’re sorry, but the God we are speaking of on this sign is not available right now, please leave a message.”

OR. . .(since this IS Hawaii):  “Kū, Kāne, Lono, Kanaloa Bless.”

Do you think this is what the Colonel had in mind?

The most intriguing thought from all this for me is. . .

A Secular God.

Truly a wonderment.


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