A Dis-arming Question

flower gun

I really hate pissing off people with guns (esp since I once owned some).

So, I offer this flower-in-the-barrel for peace.

No one wants Mentally Impaired Persons to have weapons, right?

Even most gun-owners seem to agree with that.  Common sense, of course.

So here’s my (disarming) question:

If someone is living with so much fear they have to have a deadly weapon at hand at all times (paranoid that “they’re coming for me, my family, my guns!”).

If someone enjoys going into the woods to shoot and kill things just for fun and “sport.”

If someone believes their rights, their freedoms and their beliefs are always more important than anyone elses.

If a person is so excited to carry cold steel on their hip that they don’t care how intimidating they are to families when they walk into a restaurant or church.

If a person reads a two-hundred-year-old document that calls for a “well-regulated” militia carrying muskets and this person is against any “regulation” of weapons and thinks it grants them the right to any and all weapons including military weapons.

If someone sees a report of a classroom full of children getting blown away and their first response is, “They’ll be coming to take my guns!”

Would you maybe, just maybe, call this person, to some extent, “mentally impaired”?

Thought I would, peacefully, ask. . .

Healthy-minded, sensible folks might want to support Everytown.

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