Please Draw This Cartoon!

So, Let's See What "Bringing God Back to School" Would Look Like
So, Let’s See What “Bringing God Back to School” Would Look Like

Please, someone with artistic talent (with good sense and a good sense of humor), draw this picture:

A Public School classroom (maybe high school) full of students (girls are conservatively dressed and sitting toward the back)

The 10 Commandments, a Cross and Picture of Jesus prominently displayed (maybe a caricature of Muhammad with a slash through it)

Four or five Large American Flags are hanging over heads

Each of the students at their desks, intently reading their Bibles (Science and History texts stacked under each seat)

On every student’s belt or in their pocket:  a Gun (maybe one girl has a pink one and a guy has a camouflaged one; some have crosses)

The Teacher stands in front, a cross around his or her neck and a t-shirt with a “God and Guns” message, with a worried look, bowing anxiously in prayer

On the board, boldly written: “Christian Nation”

Finally, for one last touch, a copy of the Constitution of the United States sticking out of a trashcan

For a long time I have tried to paint a similar (verbal) picture of what so many people seem to envision for the nation, but they never say exactly what that vision would look like.

With this cartoon/picture (and a twist of humor), maybe we can all see what the future would be.

Not very funny, is it?


4 thoughts on “Please Draw This Cartoon!

  1. For years I tried to put my finger on exactly what it was about religious people that made me want to load sterility drugs into a dart gun. It’s the ignorance. Neil deGrasse Tyson sums it up nicely:

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