We Can’t Escape “God”


A bit of wisdom today from naturalist John Burroughs (friend of John Muir,  Walt Whitman, Teddy Roosevelt and Thomas Edison):

“If a person can live without God in this world, there is not the slightest doubt but that he can live without him in the next, and the next, and have just as good a time.  How childish this talk is, that we can be nearer God, nearer heaven, in some other world, than we are here!  What irreligion and atheism it is!  The child in its mother’s womb is no nearer its mother than you and I and all people are at all times near God.  Does not the Book say, ‘In him we live, and move, and have our being’?  This is the literal truth, whoever says it, or denies it.  The great embosoming Power and Life of the Universe–call it God, or call it what you will–we can no more escape from, or live independent of, than we can escape from the air.  Out of this mountain races and sects carve their gods, make them in their own images, and set them up on various pedestals, far or near.”

{Journals, March 2, 1883}


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