Do You Live in This State?

Homer fear

I’ve travelled around a lot of states, and I’ve lived in a couple of states in these “united” states.  Now it seems there are many who want us to live in One Central State:

The State of Fear.

On NEWS sites:  “THEY” are coming!  (Hurricanes, Fires, Earthquakes, Immigrants, Terrorists, Sharks, Sharks with Guns. . .endless scary things)

Today on FAUX (Fox) “News”:  Headlines of “Monster Germs,” or “The Government” (the biggest Monster for them), “Terror,” with a photo of a gun pointing at me.  Worst of all:  shots of Naked Celebri-tease!

The Prez Candidates:  “THEM. . .the OTHER Guys are Coming!”  “THEY aren’t as ‘Merican as I am!”  “Their ideas are Dangerous!”  “I be Very Smart–I know Siance,” and “God wants ME to be a Leeder” (you know the shrill-drill)

Then, there’s Religion.  Afraid we’re not pleasing our God; afraid God will be angry with us; afraid we don’t read the bible or go to church enough; afraid we’ll be caught on Ashley Madison; afraid of HELL!  Especially afraid of THEM A-T-ESTS!

Mix these all together and we have a State of Neverending Emergency. . .a State of Loud Fire Alarms and Clanking Bells. . .

It’s hard for them, and for all of us, to relax and de-stress, to have some time to see the Beauty of Life and do some good, especially when we’re told over and over to be afraid by people who want every one of us to believe we live in a Burning House always under threat.  They desperately want us to agree with them when they scream it or preach it:

Live in a Perpetual State of Fear!

Be Afraid. . .be Very Afraid!

Or not. . .

It’s your choice. . .and mine. . .what State we Live in.


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