People of Good Faith

After a meeting on aging issues today, I was walking back to my car with a kindly Catholic Deacon friend.  He was particularly troubled by the fact that “There are still people who are homeless on our streets!”  He knows I used to be the street chaplain and knows I continue to work with “housing challenged” people.

I smiled at his passion to do right.  He’s actually a very active, compassionate worker through his church and other community organizations.

Then I gently told him this issue was one that drove me to leave the Church.  “I just didn’t see that what needed to be done was being done.”  He seemed sad, but gently responded, “All people of Good Faith–like you–know what is right to do.”

Together, this good man of faith, and (I hope) a person of “good faith” myself, we can see what’s going on.  And it isn’t encouraging.  Except. . .our walk together!

Maybe we all just need to learn how to better become People of Good Faith.

I wonder.

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