Killing God. . .Over and Over

female christ

The Church has this down.  Experts at deicide–murdering their own God.

(by the way, the Mosque is also pretty good at killing him off as well).

It just gets painful to watch, doesn’t it?

A minister I know shared a story with me. . .it’s going on right now, as you read this.

It’s very simple.  Maybe you’ve heard it before.  I know I have.

A homeless young woman is working.  She doesn’t do drugs.  She does volunteer work too.  She’s stayed in a shelter, but her time’s up.

Yep.  Time’s Up.  She has to be out. . .again.

The minister, and a chaplain, suggested she sleep on the floor in a church for a short while, until she finds a place.

Well, the “official” word from the church is:  No.  We don’t want to get in trouble with the city, with the police, with our neighbors, with anyone!  Besides, other homeless folks might find out and then we’d have a church-full of them!  No!

Well, it was actually said in a much nicer way.  But the reasons are the same.

(short pause to say:  this stuff is one reason I left Church, Faith and God. . .by the way)

The minister shared the story, knowing I’ve worked with “housing challenged” people for most of my life.

My response was unsurprised and didn’t surprise the minister.

I asked, rhetorically, “There isn’t ONE congregant with a floor she can sleep on?”

Then I suggested the church be re-named The First Church of Comfort.

And wondered if maybe a Bed of Bibles could be laid out for her to sleep on.

And then, my sharp sarcasm, “Maybe I should paddle over to the Titanic (Tomb of Theology) and see if anyone else wants a ride to freedom.”

Then, I’m sure this minister was expecting a parting barb:

“We all know those empty crosses on churches are just prepared for more crucifixions.”

(Get the impression this strikes a chord for me?)


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