What to Say to Self-Righteous “Leaders”

Cruz-God wants me
Cruz-crossed: says there is a “War on Faith”*

’tis the season for Preacher Politicians to do what they do best:

bring more of their self-righteous Bombastic Bloviating Buffoonery into the arena of respected world leadership.

Along the bumpy road of careening clown cars, here are a few comments and questions I would ask these would-be “leaders”:

-You say your “religious freedom” is “under attack” and that you feel “persecuted.”  I wonder, how is protecting discriminatory practices by businesses, schools, and other public institutions the same as protecting religious freedom?  What would you say to a group of Muslim students who wanted their Muslim teacher to lead them in prayers every day at your child’s school, after reading the Qur’an together?  Would you support Buddhist prayers before congress or court?  Oh, so you think that “religious freedom” is just for Christians?  You might want to read up a little more on that one.

-You say you just can’t support gay marriage, “illegals” or women’s health choice.  I wonder, what do your gay, latino and women friends say about that?  Oh, you don’t HAVE any gay, latino or women friends?  Why am I not surprised.

-You say Poor People are just lazy, don’t want to work and want a handout.  I wonder, what do your POOR friends have to say to you about that?  Oh, sorry, you’ve never met one?   Well, maybe this is an opportunity for you to learn?

-You say that only a good person of faith should be President.  I wonder, WHICH faith are you talking about?  Oh, Christian?  Well, WHICH Christian belief do you think is acceptable?  And, by the way, can you tell us what the Constitution says about your “Faith Test”?  You like to quote from the First Amendment about freedom of religion, but what does the main text of the Constitution require in Article Six?  You can’t recall?  Here’s a refresher for you:

“No religious Test [yes that’s a capital T] shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or Public Trust under the United States.”

You’re welcome!

-And, one last question for now.  You talk a lot about Jesus.  It sounds like he’s your model for ethics and leadership.  I wonder, can you tell us what Jesus (not Paul or anyone else) said about gay people, about abortion, about immigrants, about poor people, about women?  For that matter, what did Jesus say about America?  Did he (or God) favor one country over all other countries?  Oh, and what would he have to say about your strong support for arms and the military?  And, I can’t resist asking one more simple question: could you please tell us what Jesus specifically said about self-righteousness?

Sir?  Ma’am?  I’m waiting. . .We’re waiting. . .

Did anyone see where the Candidate went?

*Let’s hope someone asks these questions, and many more, of these Crusaders.

Here’s what we’re up against (from the Washington Post):

“Cruz’s Iowa campaign chairman, Matt Schultz, suggested Cruz was divinely chosen to lead.

“We’re at a crossroads in our country,” Schultz told the crowd. “Ted Cruz is the man who God has prepared for this moment in time to be our champion, to fight for our husbands, our wives, our children and our grandchildren, for our country.”


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