Her murder leaves many questions for people of faith
Her murder leaves many questions for people of faith

The torture and killing of 27-year old Farkhunda at a shrine in Afghanistan last March is a story that must be told and must be heard.

Now, the BBC has a documentary you can listen to here.

You can watch video footage of the mob execution if you think you need to, but I recommend sitting to listen to this 28 minute piece.

The men accused of her murder may not be fully punished by the “justice” system, and many are still at large.

My takeaways:

-She was a devout Muslim, studying to be a religious teacher, who challenged abuses by her religion (the selling of “charms” with magic powers in a shrine)

-She was falsely accused of being an American who burned a Qur’an (the person who first accused her deserves the greatest punishment, in my mind)

-The large crowd of men left all traces of humanity behind to beat her and burn her (unbelievably savage behavior)

-Her brutal murder has now become a rallying cry for Women’s Rights and Justice

-In a strange twist, she is now called a “Martyr” for her faith

-At least she gets a street named after her and a memorial shrine of her own!

The death of Farkhunda leaves one large question for the faithful to answer:

What should People of Faith do to stop the wildfire spread of irrational, often violent, beliefs and behavior that bring misery and death to countless Farkhundas in our world?

What is Your answer?


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