What’s Wrong with this Picture?

peace together

I just saw this image on a blog and thought I’d borrow it to ask some questions:

Does this mean The Guy Gods (don’t see any Gal-Gods) are Friends?

(would they have their own Faithsbook to “friend” each other?)

Does it mean there will now be a United Nations, er. . .United Universe of Gods?

(wouldn’t they still want to fight over Who’s the Greatest of the Gods–the most Attractive Almighty?)

Could we assume that the “love-hearts” they hold reveal that the Gods are Gay?!

(sorry, couldn’t resist the temptation to say that)

But let’s be positive for a moment. . .

What’s RIGHT about this picture?

It represents All People of Faith coming together to. . .have their picture taken?  I mean, to show the Unity of Believers?

Nice idea.  Kinda sweet interfaith hug moment.

Yet. . .

I wonder if Uniting the World’s Mythologies and Imaginative Religious Images is really a good thing.  I mean, after all, to be honest:

It could be dangerous to bring too many men in dresses together!

(or wild and fun. . .I don’t know!)

Smiling. . .


2 thoughts on “What’s Wrong with this Picture?

  1. Relax, Chris! “Let’s peace together our world” is, I hope, one of the few noncontroversial ideas left in our world. Besides, the person on the extreme left looks like a female to me. Enjoy the moment, man!

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