Fearful Faith vs. Free Thought, Free Speech and Freedom Itself

“Niloy Neel”

Free speech is based on freedom of thought, freedom of conscience.

Now, yet another blogger in Bangladesh is murdered for writing his free ideas:

Niloy Chakrabati killed in Dhaka

Niloy is the FOURTH blogger killed just this year!

What is it about freedom of thought and word that scares some Defenders of Faith so much?

Oh, yes, of course, we know exactly what it is that scares them so much:

Reason can kill Religion and the Pen can poke Holes in the Holy Balloon (and Buffoonery) of Faith.

Fear-based Faith kills. . .mentally and literally.

Please remember Niloy and what he stood for.

And visit these Brave Bloggers at “Free Mind” (Mukto Mona)

(many are on a “Hit List”–targets of extremists)


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