Keeping God Busy

cheese mice

Well, don’t tell anyone but I’ve been reading over our local Religion Page again.  Sorry.  Can’t resist.  I’m always curious what hundreds, maybe thousands, are doing with their faith this week. . .in our community.

Here’s what I see this time:

-42 “Worship” services (one called “Liberal,” another called “Joyful.”  One called  “Contemplative” and another called “Contemporary”).

-17 “B&B” (that’s Body and Blood. . .you know, Mass/Eucharist/Lord’s Supper/Communion).  One is called “Quiet Mass.”  I’ve always liked a quiet B&B.  Another is called “Festive.”  Not sure how eating this particular cuisine can be called “festive.”

-3-4 “Prayer” (I say 3 or 4 since I’m not sure sometimes what is being advertised.  And we also see a Muslim Jumah prayer).

Then some Shabbat services (with traditional prayers, Torah readings, sermons and noshes) and a Zazen meeting.

I’m sure there are many more Godly Get Togethers not listed in the paper (you know, the New Agers and Mormons and JWs, etc.  And, don’t forget that some don’t want to be “seen” alongside “those people”).

What does all this Faith Activity do for our towns, our county, our communities?  Hundreds of Hours Together for God.  Well, people getting together can be good.  Maybe a lot of those worshippers and pray-ers and coffee-drinking noshers are fine teachers and police officers and parents and judges and garbage collectors.  Maybe they’re better people, happier, more compassionate people, because they gave those hours to God.  I don’t know.  I’ll look around and see if people are healthier and the streets are safer this week.

But I also wonder (no surprise):  How does God keep up?  I mean, being worshipped 42 times just this week!  Having your body consumed by crowds of well-dressed people 17 times!     Hundreds of prayers for help; hundreds praising You and Your YOU-ness!

Sometimes, I have to say, I feel very very sorry for God.  Give the Guy a Rest already!

Maybe more Cheeses?  Or, maybe, we’ve had enough?


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