Antarctica is a Godless Wasteland?

See?  No Deities in Sight
See? No Deities in Sight

Warning:  Obvious statement ahead!

We all know that reporters can exaggerate for dramatic effect.

Now that the last Catholic Priest is leaving Antarctica (a “mass” of ice!), we get this piece of. . .insight:

A protestant priest will still take a stint each summer at McMurdo, providing interdenominational services – so the base won’t be left a godless wasteland. Russia also has a priest installed in a church at its base on King George Islands, on the other side of the continent, and there are a handful of churches dotted around.

The best part of this story is the end, where the last priest, Father Doyle, reveals what is truly wonderful about that land:

But for him, it marks the end of a “wonderful adventure.”
“Going onto the ice and listening to the wind whistling around the icebergs, seeing the beautiful wind-sculpted ice,” he says of his favourite memories.
“Going in to the face of glaciers and crawling around the tunnels, seeing all the beautiful colours. The glaciers sing when you tap them you know, because the ice is under stress, so it rings like a bell.
“You think white is one colour, but white is a thousand colours when you get inside a glacier and it’s all around you.”

Yes, this is that “godless wasteland” that really needs churches, priests, faith and god.  Because, you know, it’s not enough just to have amazing grandeur and spectacular beauty.

Just add God.  Then it’s really special.


2 thoughts on “Antarctica is a Godless Wasteland?

  1. What a nice flower…God!

    What a beautiful sunrise.. God!

    Look at that lion ripping the throat out if that gazzelle…ummm…God?

    Look at that man wasting away from cancer…The fall!

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