Symbols of Faith. . .and Beyond

Our world is filled with symbols of religion and faith.  Here are some of the most popular

(people will defend them, fight over them, divide communites and even kill or die for these):

religious symbols

So, I was wondering. . .

What if someone came along who said THIS was the symbol of their faith, or just their LIFE?:

Symbol of the Tree with multiracial human hands around it

Or maybe this?:

wooden hands

Or how about this?:

feeding people

It all reminds me of a poor and mentally ill woman on the street who once told me, with a mix of sadness and madness:

“Why do churches have all those crosses up on top of their roof?  Why don’t they have statues of God doing something like helping people”?

All I could do was shake my head, smile and wonder with her.

Why are so many religious symbols about death and suffering and unearthly things?  Or, simply, very meaningless, unless you’re an exceptionally special Insider and “member”?

Maybe George Carlin was right.  Here’s the best image:



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