“Religious Freedom” for Whom?

religious freedom

In the righteous outcry from the religious cry-babies about the Supreme Court ruling on Same-Sex Marriage, we hear things like:

“No Texan is required. . .to act contrary to his or her religious beliefs regarding marriage.” (Gov. Greg Abbott)

“[This court decision] will pave the way for an all-out assault against the religious freedom rights of Christians who disagree.”  (“Jesus’ Governor,” Bobby Jindal)

And that’s just from a few Governors!

Focus on Our Family and Not Your Family the Family president Jim Daly says he’s afraid there will be “prejudice and persecution” of his family of believers with this new law.

Then there’s the Chief Justice of the United States (yes, you read that right), John “Jesus’ Judge” Roberts, who turned red in the face with clenched fists (we can imagine) when he wrote:

“People of faith can take no comfort in the treatment they receive from the majority today.”

I’ll leave off Justice Scalia’s rants and raves about “the Court’s threat to American Democracy” (oh, I guess I didn’t leave it out).

So, there you have it.  The Self-Appointed Defenders of Faith across the land doing what they do best. . .not sure what that is, but Leadership is apparently not their best.

Here’s something these and many other “Faith Defenders” conveniently forget:

Millions of People of Faith in the United States actually Support Marriage Equality!  What about THEIR “religious liberty”?


Source:  The Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI)

Even 28% of White Evangelicals support it!

So, what do our Preacher Politicians and Judges for Jesus say about the religious freedom of THOSE unAmerican Liberal believers who choose to believe differently. . .whose faith leads them to show compassion and justice without discrimination?  And what if THEY are GAY?!  Do THEY have rights and freedoms and liberties too?

We’re waiting to hear what God’s Defenders have to say to the OTHER millions of American citizens who have freedoms to defend, such as the freedom to NOT believe. . .

I repeat what I have said for a very long time:

Those who want a United (or Divided) States of Jesus with the Bible for their Constitution and Prayer and Crosses in every public place. . .PLEASE Go Find That Place!  I support a Republic of Jesus and Country of Christ somewhere in the world.  I really do!  I can’t wait for that Exceptional Holy Land with universal Christian Religious Freedom to show the rest of us what a Godly Nation can Really Do!  Have a good time with that, Mr. Scalia.

(I do not mean to imply this Christian State–CS–would have ANYTHING in common with the Islamic State–IS–or the Taliban or Iran or any other Faith-Based Nation. . .I would never imply such a thing!)


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