Proud to be American Today


I’m not a flag-waver or “America is the Greatest” kind of person.

The U.S. has big problems and much of its military and economic policy around the world is highly questionable if not detestable.  We’re no moral compass for the world!

But on a day like today. . .it’s good to be American.

The Supreme Court of the United States, after major healthcare and housing decisions, made a historic decision today allowing Same-Sex Marriage across the country.

To our friends in the LGBTQ Community:  Congratulations!  We celebrate with you!  GOOD be With You!

This Human Rights Issue is just that. . .a Right; a Justice Issue; an Ethical Issue.

As some of us have said all along:  If it wasn’t for the Religious arguments against these Human Rights issues, society would evolve much faster.

Religion is the Boulder in the Stream of Progress.

So, we go around. . .the stream flows forward.

Millions in the Faith Community support Marriage Equality and for them we can be grateful.  In fact, many in faith communities ARE gay and lesbian, or have family members who are.  Yet, millions more stand in the way. . .or try to–in the Name of their God.

And, unfortunately, millions (including some Supreme Court Judges) think that a free and pluralistic, secular nation, built upon a Constitution, a Bill of Rights, a Declaration of Independence, should be guided by ancient laws from ancient scriptures.  They would replace the Constitution, override it, with the Bible.

This should never happen.

So, on this historic day, I am overjoyed for my Gay and Lesbian friends, and very proud to live in This Secular Nation!

Oh, one more thing. . .as I’ve also said all along this journey to justice. . .

IF you do NOT support this fundamental human right, I would ask, What do YOUR Gay and Lesbian friends or family say about that?

You don’t have any Gay or Lesbian friends or family?


Then, before you stand against other people, maybe you need to meet them, get to know them, so they aren’t “them” any more?

{by the way, for years I’ve asked this same question about poor or homeless people too–Do you KNOW any personally?  If not, before you judge, maybe it’s time}


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