The Nun and the None

Marion and Chris
Marion and Chris

Every time I see Sister Marion at some party or event her face lights up and I get a big smack on the lips.  What is it about this connection across the usually well-defended lines between the faithful and the faithless?

At a recent going away party for an Episcopal Priest we both grabbed a beer and pulled our chairs together on the sunny deck.  I asked her about her amazing strength to walk many miles each week and she asked about my teaching and managing work.  A couple of ministers, priests, children and dogs gathered near to us and we all laughed and shared good stories and lamented the injustices of the world and other happy topics.

What Marion and I share is a delight in the next generation of youth who are planning diverse events together.  We share backgrounds in compassion and justice work.  We share roots in the religious community (and a sharp sense of the value of heresy).  We simply share our common humanity and. . .dammit. . .we just LIKE each other!

With a hug, a kiss and a “take care and see you soon” we parted again that evening, knowing that soon we would meet up again to share a beer in the demilitarized zone between faith and no faith (Battlefields be Damned!).  Nun with None.  Holding hands.  Smiling in the joy; shaking our heads in serious conversation.  Both rebels. . .in our own way.  One with God; one without.  Both with Good.

I love My Sister Marion!

{oh, in case you’re wondering:  My wife Carol took the photo of our sister and her “boyfriend”}


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