A Message for Christians Who Pray in Public (from Someone You May Know)


. . .or at least a message from Someone you think you know. . .

“Whenever you pray, do not be like the super-believers; for they LOVE to stand and pray in their Churches and in the Public Square, so that they may be seen by others. . .

Whenever YOU pray, go to a private place, shut the door and secretly speak with the God you believe in. . . .  That will be rewarding for you.

Oh, and when you’re praying, don’t throw out a lot of meaningless theological gibberish like some do; they think they’ll be heard because of all their impressive “spiritual” words.  Don’t be like them.  Don’t you suppose The Great One already knows what you want and need?” 

-Message on the Mountain.  Matthew 6.  

(CBV:  Clear-as-a-Bell Version)

We see Christians all over scrambling to assert their “religious freedom” to pray anytime, anywhere so all the rest of us have to hear them and see what great faith they have (they’re SO exceptional, aren’t they?).  How many Graduates had to sit through prayers in high schools and colleges this year?  How many Preacher Politicians do we see praying and parading their faith?

Then along comes this apparently overlooked verse!  DAMN!  NOW, what will they do!  Ah, we know.  Ignore it, along with the rest of the Mountain Message that says disturbing things like “Blessed are the poor and the meek and the peacemakers” and “Beware of practicing your piety before others.”  You know, little “gospel nuggets” like these?

As I like to say, the Good News isn’t much Good News for those who pride themselves in being Good News People.

Don’t you just hate it when a nonbeliever quotes from the one who has been so GODified by “His faithful followers” that his actual message needs to be quoted by a nonbeliever and it still won’t be taken seriously?

Imagine. . .

Wouldn’t this be wonderful to see: the next time some City Council or School Board or Court or Congress or President stands to say a prayer, the local Secular Chaplain simply stands up, quotes the verse above, and invites everyone to take a big breath, take the words to heart, and sit back down and get to work?

I’d like to see that.


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