Why Pray? Just Start the Meeting

Long may it wave. . .that leaf of common sense
Long may it wave. . .that leaf of common sense

Canada is Great.  I grew up near the border and always enjoyed visiting our “neighbors to the North.”

And, Canada is Funny (well, to be honest, America is pretty funny too. . .often in very strange ways)

They did a poll of Canadians to ask if they agreed with their Supreme Court decision Not to Allow Prayer in Public Meetings (wow, I like their Supremes!).

Here’s what one poll revealed:

Canada Dry on Religion

That’s Great!  Most people across Canada say they would rather have their leaders Just Start the Meetings, rather than pray or do a dance or stand on their hands!  Love that!

The Supreme Court of Canada’s decision was something the U.S. Supremes could learn from:

The Supreme Court said Canadian society has evolved and given rise to a “concept of neutrality according to which the state must not interfere in religion and beliefs.”

“The state must instead remain neutral in this regard,” the judgment said.

“This neutrality requires that the state neither favour nor hinder any particular belief, and the same holds true for non-belief. It requires that the state abstain from taking any position and thus avoid adhering to a particular belief.

“When all is said and done, the state’s duty to protect every person’s freedom of conscience and religion means that it may not use its powers in such a way as to promote the participation of certain believers or non-believers in public life to the detriment of others.”

Amazing.  Such common sense from a High Court.

I think I’ll visit Canada again soon.


2 thoughts on “Why Pray? Just Start the Meeting

  1. Yes, Nancy, it really seems so common sense to include and not exclude. I sometimes think these Exclusionist Believers should be given their own state (or country) to pack the courts and congress and schools with all the prayers and bibles they wish. The rest of us can move on to build a society built on the ideals of diversity, reason and true freedom.

    Thanks for your comment.

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