Muslims who Leave the Faith

quran reading

I’ve been reading Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s excellent new book, Heretic: Why Islam Needs a Reformation Now, and I see many parallels to my own story and many other stories of emerging from faith.

Now, here’s a young ex-Muslim woman at UC Berkeley who has made a powerful and honest statement.  She actually shows great respect for Islam.  Unfortunately, her piece was censored due to “personal safety concerns.”

In America?  In the Bay Area?  Stunning.

It says so much about Qur’an-worshipping Muslims (the ones Dr. Ali calls “Medina Muslims”) when they act like their irrational Bible-worshipping cousins, spreading Fear in the Name of Faith.  I remember when I was a Holy Book worshipper.  I could attack with the “sword of truth” and “God’s Word” with the best of them.  But of course, I would never think of threatening someone’s safety if they didn’t worship my book.

Bible-ism, and Qur’an-ism, are really the Religions we need to stand against.  The books are more the problem than the people (yet, the people must also be held to the great standards of Reason and Responsibility).  Dividing our world with ancient books isn’t working. . .and it’s a threat to all of our personal and public safety.

I wish this young woman, and the many like her who are afraid to speak out, the courage and the protection they deserve.


2 thoughts on “Muslims who Leave the Faith

  1. That makes sense. Yet your speaking truth and reason will shine through the labels, at least for people who use their minds. I guess that’s the main issue anyway. I wish you well in your stand for the good beyond god.

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