Accommodate Me!

flag scarf

“Religious accommodation”. . .”Freedom to practice my religion”

“The rules don’t apply to me.  I get my rules from a Higher Source!”

Where is this taking us?

Some compromises are necessary and make sense.

Discrimination really happens.

But, really, where are we going with this?  Are there limits?  Is there common sense?  Should every “exceptional” faith get special “exceptions”?

Not picking on Sikhs, but one example:  Sikhs in the Military (NPR)

Serving in the military is a job.  There are rules and regulations.  Standards for everyone who joins.  Sometimes you have to wear a helmet.  Sometimes a gas mask.  (A larger question:  why would one’s Deity require particular Clothing?).  These are some questions I wonder about.

But here’s what I imagine will happen as many more people cry for “accommodation” and demand that their special “religious freedom” gets priority over all other freedom.

-“My faith tells me I HAVE TO wear this Big Hat.  You HAVE to let me wear my Big Hat, even in the courtroom, or you discriminate against me!”

-“My spiritual guru says I am FORBIDDEN to have my photograph taken.  You CANNOT make me get a photo for my driver’s license!”

-“My religion says I HAVE TO carry this sharp sword with me everywhere.  You HAVE to let me carry it on this airplane!” (and sometimes God wants me to keep a gun in my hat!)

-“My pastor says I HAVE TO carry my Ancient Holy Book with me everywhere, everyday and keep it in front of me, here on my desk while I teach my public school students.”

-“My church tells me I HAVE to wear this Very Large Cross with Drops of Real Blood on it.  You HAVE TO let me wear it in my job as a waitress!”

-“My tradition says I DO NOT HAVE TO write the word “Evolution”–a satanic plot–so my professor CANNOT make me write a paper on. . .that word!”

-“I heard the Voice of the Goddess and She told me I HAVE TO walk around NAKED so you can’t tell me to put clothes on in public places!”

-“My religion commands me not to do ANYTHING for ANYONE of Another Religion!”

Ok?  Enough?  What “special accommodation” can YOU imagine will soon be demanded by the faithfully privileged?


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