Bible Lunar-sea

Scripture for E.T.
Scripture for E.T.

I feel somewhat sorry for this old Chaplain, but I’m more interested in his legacy of. . .well, just read.

Moon Bibles

“A chaplain to many astronauts, [Presbyterian Minister, John] Stout had made it his mission to get Bibles to the moon.

When microfiche versions of the King James Bible made it to the lunar surface with astronaut Edgar Mitchell on Apollo 14 in 1971, [UPI reporter] Kirk broke the news about the “lunar Bibles” around the world.

Stout was also the keeper of some lunar Bibles, now worth a small fortune. One hundred made it to the moon, and they’ve sold at auction for as much as $75,000 each. Stout had as many as 60 in his apartment.”

Not sure I ever heard of this.  But it fits right in with Bible-Believers and their Bible-God.  And especially cool since it was all paid for by you and me–taxpayers in Bibleland.  Now, isn’t that special?

The New Old Religion of Biblism (aka Bibliolatry or Babblism) goes to great lengths and heights to “Get the Word of God” out there (or up there, as the case may be).

Next time you look up at the moon, just think:  Wow, there were 100 Bibles up there!  Nice to know it’s more than just a moon. . .it’s God’s Moon!

{see also my bible-less blog:  Moon Park. . .a wild lunatic idea}


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