A Mosque inside an Art Show inside a Church

Church?  Mosque?  Art?
Church? Mosque? Art?

Mosque in Venice Church

Begins as a possibly hopeful story of a church shut down, an artshow opening, and then people show up to pray. . .there, in the church. . .BUT, whoops!  Muslims!

Apparently, according to a letter published in the local newspaper by the Venetian diocese, a Catholic church must never be used for any other non-Catholic religious purpose unless it has been deconsecrated, which, according to the Patriarch of Venice, Santa Maria della Misericordia has not been. “The pavilion is not and cannot be a place of worship, as the promotional material issued in recent days suggests it is,” according to the Church letter

Geez, a good thing Jesus himself didn’t show up to pray. . .to himself. . .I guess. . .because, as we ALL know. . .you can only pray when and where God’s Reps say you can.  Of course.

I say, “deconsecrate” and give it to the mosque.  Might be a nice “interfaith” gesture. . .you know, something KIND and GENEROUS?

Then, deconsecrate yourselves. . .whatever that means.

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