Thank God it was Them and Not Me!

What does YOUR guardian angel look like?
What does YOUR guardian angel look like?

Drama in (Un-Real) Life. . .

A devout lady gave me a copy of the Reader’s Digest (haven’t read that for years).  Still some amusing stories and cartoons.  And then this caught my (baloney detecting) eye:

“A Guiding Hand”. . .a lady in Colorado leaves for work when “a firm hand restrained my right shoulder shoving me left.”  Later in the day she hears that there was an accident with two cars killing a crossing guard.  Her conclusion:

“[If I had turned right] I would have been in that accident.  My guardian angel had preserved my life!”

Isn’t that wonderful!  And, madam, while you’re thanking your special, personal angel, maybe you could, just for a moment, ask why they chose not to preserve the life of that poor crossing guard.  Why didn’t that guardian push the guard in another direction. . .or the cars. . .or others who were hurt and injured?

{Once you have the Nose for Nonsense as I do, you see, hear and smell this kind of magical faith just about everywhere you look}

I’ll bet MY angel is stronger than YOURS!  (and no doubt more attractive!)

One thought on “Thank God it was Them and Not Me!

  1. I think she has found the nr one reason people die: their guardian angels just give up on them. Withouth guardian angels guiding people through the big bad world, they’ll just die and kill each other out there. I’m so glad I read this. It has truly opened my eyes. Thank you so much for sharing this and thank the lady for her wonderful insight into bullshit. Keep on blogging in a free world – The False Prophet

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