Another Free Mind Blogger Killed

Ananta Dash
Ananta Dash

This is truly awful.  Another blogger is murdered for courageously speaking his mind in a closed-minded culture:

Bangladeshi Blogger Promoting Secularism Killed

In 2013, blogger Ahmed Rajib Haider was murdered, then Avijit Roy was killed in February, in March it was Oyasiqur Rhaman,  and now Ananta Dash  who was barbarically hacked to death by the sharp blades of irrational belief.

Here is Ananta’s “Rationalist Award.”

“His deep and courageous interest in spreading secular & humanist ideals and messages in a place which is not only remote, but doesn’t have even a handful of rationalists.”

Secular Chaplain stands in solidarity with Freethinkers in all lands.  These attacks are against Free Minds everywhere.

I encourage a visit to the English site of Mukto-Mona (Free Mind).


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