This Blog is Christian-Free!

No Cross

No Christians Allowed Here.*

My (Secular) Religion forbids Christians on this blog.

What started this?

Muslim-Free Gun Range in ARK-Kansas (I can write it this way, it’s my RIGHT)

And (this will surprise some of you):  Muslims are WELCOME here!

Except those carrying guns!

We are also a Gun-Free Zone.

It’s my RIGHT!

*Note:   Respectful, gun-free Christians ARE allowed. . .I think I’m just pointing out a potential problem with EXCLUSIVIST, HATEFUL Christians who think their  IN-orant (I can spell it this way if I WANT) bigotry won’t come back to bite their self-righteous asses

BTW:  Jesus is welcome here too.  Besides, if he was around, many of us Seculars wouldn’t mind him hanging around since he’d be much nicer than gun-ranges FULL of his “followers”


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