Why Isn’t Every Day a Holiday?

March 2008 playoflight

I agree with Thomas Paine (the one who stirred up revolutions in government and religion).  He said that, even if there was such a thing as “revelation” (a special message to a person) it could never be passed along as “revelation.”  It would then be “hearsay.”

So, here’s my hearsay–if you care to hear what I have to say.  And let’s call it “heresy” too.  I like that.

This is my revelation.  A word–an idea–straight from the Great Wise Voice of the Universe–Nature.

I think we need a New Religion.  The old ones seem very worn out and smell older by the year.  They are fossils and their fossil fuel is running out fast.

Of course, it would be a Secular Religion. . .a religionless religion I suppose.  No God necessary, or, as Arlo Guthrie said, “Bring Your God with You” kind of thing.

In this New Religion, people would matter (no matter who you are or where you come from) and all living things would matter.

Every Day would be a Holiday.  Yes, that’s right.  Every day.  And why not?

Every Day to be honored, celebrated and set aside for thinking. . .and playing. . .and, if you choose, praying, or doing something more useful, like, well, maybe, helping someone or making something fun and good and meaningful.


LIFE as a Holiday?  Hmm.  That has a nice ring.

All fun and games?

Not at all.

There are seasons, sun and storm, birth and death, day and night.


No ONE Day would be more special than any other.

What would happen?  What would we do?  What would change?

Now my revelation has been passed along to you.

It is now hearsay.

Enjoy the heresy!


3 thoughts on “Why Isn’t Every Day a Holiday?

  1. If every day were a holiday, then eventually no day would be. It is human nature to take things for granted, and I think marking some days as “special,” like birthdays for example, reminds us to take note of at least some of our days.

  2. Thank you, Rabbi. Good point. Taking note of special days. And how great it would be if we could live each day as a special gift—a birthday of sorts.

    My wife has an interfaith calendar. It is jammed with countless religiious holydays. Add the weekly holy days along with our “secular” days, national commemorations, etc, and it seems we really are moving toward the Every Day Holiday!

    Be well.

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