Mysterious Voices. . .

Angel voice

An amazing story. . .a child was saved from the car in the river. . .mother dies. . .people claim they heard a voice calling for help. . .another eerie mystery. . .clearly a MIRACLE.

Wow. . .a Voice. . .Who or What could that be?

Must have been an Angel?

Or, maybe a. . .




River Ness Monster?




More likely the mother’s last breath, a cry from the child, the river, the car creaking, birds, the wind. . .rescuers hearing their own hearts and hopes. . .???

Mysteries are just so. . .mysterious, aren’t they?

We WANT there to be a Super-Natural soooo bad.

People will make up, and believe, just about anything.

What do you think?





2 thoughts on “Mysterious Voices. . .

  1. There’s nothing more suspect than the Godless who spend their time writing about religion. If you don’t believe in religion, why do you write about it? I mean, other than just being a sh*t-stirrer? But I guess being a sh*t-stirrer is a religion to some… particularly tired boring old hippies?

    1. Well, you may be right about one thing, I sometimes stir the crap when there’s crap to stir. That is especially true when the nonsense is pushed into our faces by the faithful. Both godless and godly are free to do some stirring, particularly on their own blogs. As for being an old hippie. . .makes me smile. Part of me wanted to be a wild hippie back in the day, but I was too busy as a Jesus freak. . .stirring the crap, as He did!

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