Scientists Interfere with the Church

god and science

This is a classic turntable.  The Church interferes in scientific and medical matters. . .so, Science returns the favor!

Scientists Interfere with the Church (The Guardian)

one group of emboldened scientists has decided to go further and pledge to respond in kind by interfering as much as possible with religious matters.

This is great:

Another objection raised by the Church of England is that there is not 100% scientific certainty that the [medical] procedure will work and is safe. Another member of FFS, Dr Black (first name Potkettle) says she looked forward to applying these same stringent requirements to the policies and practices of the church.

“I’ve already produced a new version of the Bible that leaves out anything that can’t be 100% confirmed by science. It’s much more streamlined now, which is handy as you can fit it all on a postcard and mail it to people, rather than going door-to-door”.

And then,

Other areas that the Church can expect to be challenged on include anything to do with sexual health, same sex marriage, gender equality or other medical procedures. FFS hopes that, rather than antagonise, this new mutual interjections into each other’s business will lead to greater understanding and collaboration between science and religion.

“There’s a lot of potentially interesting things the church could show us” Dr Briss admitted. “Apparently they do this thing on Sundays where they transform bread into actual human tissue. Such a procedure in the hands of science would be a huge boon to research into transplants and grafts and the like. I’ve no idea what they’re using it for at present, but I guess it’s their business, as long as they’re not eating it or anything”.

Ouch, that’s a stinger and a zinger!

And this all needs to be said, and done. . .Bravo!

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