All Children DON’T Go To Heaven!?

Real “Good News” is when people are truthful and honest.

This is refreshing.  I can respect the honesty of this boy who made up his story.  Truth really IS better than fictions. . .such as heaven.

Boy Says He Didn’t Go to Heaven (NPR)

Now we can wait to hear from Eben Alexander and the Heaven is Real kid. . .

2 thoughts on “All Children DON’T Go To Heaven!?

  1. Thanks for posting this Chris. It’s a bit fascinating, yet disturbing at the same time. Can’t help but wonder what happened behind the scenes. It looks like a doctrinal belief of the family could have actually been a contributing factor as well.

    Speaking of Eben Alexander, I did a review of an afterlife debate he was in recently:

    It seemed the vast majority of his case was anecdotal stories (mostly his own), and this incident calls those stories a bit more into question. Also, Alexander was caught in the debate stretching a quote from Sagan way out of proportion – which is another factor in the telephone game of anecdotal stories.

  2. Yes, Howie, it’s clear that family faith sinks deep in a young mind. It’s disturbing and fascinating that people so quickly fall for these personalistic stories with absolutely no way to verify. I think the same about famous spiritual teachers emerging from forests, mountains, deserts and caves with theological tales. No one ever seems to ask to be taken out there to see or hear for themselves. We’re so quick to accept and believe–at least some are. Thanks for your comment.

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