Where is the Parenting?


Since the Ferguson “event” seems to keep shaking up the country I’ll say one more thing that relates to a missing piece of the sensationalized drama story.

Where were the parents?  Where is their sense of responsibility?

Here’s the thing (given the basic–though still questionable–facts we know):

If my daughter was a teen who had smoked pot, robbed a convenience store, assaulted the owner, refused to obey a police officer when told not to walk in the street, hit the officer and grabbed for his gun inside a cruiser, and then got shot. . .

My gawd, I would feel terrible. . .as I apologized to the officer, the community and anyone else hurt by my child’s foolish and irresponsible actions!  I would be deeply ashamed of her behavior, even as I grieved.  I would seriously question my own parenting and what I could have done better–I would feel, in some sense, that I had failed my daughter.  I would shoulder a great deal of the responsibility and work with my community to find cooperative ways of strengthening family, youth, parents.  This is not primarily a race issue at all. . .it’s a family and parent issue.

As I said in my earlier post, there is no doubt that we have serious problems with race divisions in America, that we have serious problems with police/community relations, excessive force and issues within our minority neighborhoods. But we also have serious Parenting problems.

Parents out there. . .what would YOU do?  What would YOU say?

And, please tell me why no one is talking about this in an honest, parental way?  Don’t we owe it to all the Michael Browns out there?


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