Goodbye Ghosts


I truly understand the need for some to “feel the presence” of the supernatural.  It can sure be comforting to “know” there are “spirits all around” who are “watching over us.”  I once felt it so strongly I prayed NOT to see an angel, God, dead loved ones or anything else.  Besides, I had FAITH, so I shouldn’t need those things, right?

But now we have experiments showing what we should all assume with common sense.  A “ghostly presence” is simply a quirky thing the brain does.

“Feelings of a ghostly presence – the sense that someone is close-by when no-one is there – lie in the mind, a study has concluded.

Scientists say that they have identified the parts of the brain that are responsible for generating these spooky sensations.”  (BBC)

This will be very hard for those who “feel the presence” of the HOLY Ghost.  And, once again, I understand that (hey, I used to speak in tongues!).

Praise Good for the good sense to wonder and delight at the “mysterious revelations” of Science and Reason.  Wonderful indeed!


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