Faith and Social Justice

hong kong shrine

I find this kind of story fascinating.  In Hong Kong, protesters seeking democracy are turned to God. . .but which one?

“A Surprising Tie that Binds Hong Kong’s Protesters:  Faith” (NPR)

Christianity isn’t the only belief system that has a presence in the protest movement. In Mong Kok, a neighborhood known for gangsters and mainland shoppers, protesters have built on a bamboo and metal barricade a shrine to an ancient Chinese general some refer to as Guan Gong.

“He’s kind of a god for war and loyalty and brotherhood,” says Kevin Tsang, a nurse and one of hundreds protesting in the neighborhood Thursday.

If that doesn’t work, protesters have built another shrine at another barricade two blocks away, this one with a picture of Jesus and an open Bible.

When I was a Christian, social justice was central and critical to my faith.  This story affirms that, and opens up many more questions about spiritual beliefs used for secular causes.  In other words, the bottom line is the same, no matter if you believe, no matter what faith, no matter if you do not believe. . .the goal is the same:  Justice for All.


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