Facing the Real Mecca

new mecca
What’s Going On in YOUR Sacred City?

According to one Muslim writer, the holy city of Mecca is being destroyed.

The Destruction of Mecca (NYT)

(since the so-called “Islamic State” is busy destroying all kinds of holy sites, maybe they missed this?)

The cultural devastation of Mecca has radically transformed the city. Unlike Baghdad, Damascus and Cairo, Mecca was never a great intellectual and cultural center of Islam. But it was always a pluralistic city where debate among different Muslim sects and schools of thought was not unusual. Now it has been reduced to a monolithic religious entity where only one, ahistoric, literal interpretation of Islam is permitted, and where all other sects, outside of the Salafist brand of Saudi Islam, are regarded as false. . . .

The hajj [required pilgrimage to Mecca] is no longer a transforming, once-in-a-lifetime spiritual experience. It has been reduced to a mundane exercise in rituals and shopping.

The author concludes,

Mecca is a microcosm of the Muslim world. What happens to and in the city has a profound effect on Muslims everywhere. The spiritual heart of Islam is an ultramodern, monolithic enclave, where difference is not tolerated, history has no meaning, and consumerism is paramount. It is hardly surprising then that literalism, and the murderous interpretations of Islam associated with it, have become so dominant in Muslim lands.

If YOU have a holy place on the planet, is it being destroyed?  Is it a symbol for the world of “the spiritual heart” of your faith?  How?

For those of us who see the entire planet as “sacred” (wonderful, in a nonsupernatural, secular way), there is real concern for the destruction of the Environment, the “holy land” we all share.  So, giving a Religion (or a God) One location, One Address above all addresses, seems a little hard to understand.  In a way, it ALL sounds like a “monolithic enclave where difference is not tolerated, history has no meaning and consumerism is paramount.”

IS there any real “Holy Land”?  If so, WHO says?  And, why do you feel that’s needed by the faithful?

{I sometimes wonder:  IF Jerusalem or Rome or Mecca disappeared, what would that DO to that faith or religion?  I’m curious}


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