Doubt as a Sign of Faith


or is it:  Faith as a Sign of Doubt?

(see Julia Baird’s NYT article)

This article, and some of the comments, leave me. . .with less doubt about faith.

Faith seems to often lead to Doubt, quite naturally.

Doubting the world as we see it, know it, experience it.

Doubting education, science and investigation into challenging and often uncomfortable things.

Doubting human reason and the goodness of this world as the only one we have.

Ultimately, perhaps, doubting that the Face in the Heavens is not our own small, childlike face looking back.

Of course, we all have doubts, at times.

Curiosity, uncertainty of the unknown, wonder.

But we don’t all have faith.

Maybe Faith is Doubt with a fresh coat of paint.

Or, maybe, as with the picture above, faith looks in the mirror and sees doubt.

Doubt looks in the mirror and sees. . .an uncertain human being looking at themselves.

Those with Faith who Doubt. . .let’s hope they DO ask themselves hard questions and embrace their doubting.

When the Faithful Doubters do this, they seem more like the rest of us. . .wondering human beings with so many more questions than answers.


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