Praying to Be Seen

cheerleaders for god

Cheerleaders for God are all over our world.

So that means. . .We all get to hear their Prayers!

These Cheerleaders at a High School in Tennessee have rallied their town of Christians (there are apparently No Other Faiths and No Unbelievers around).  Now the Pre-Game Show is the Prayer Circle, brought to YOU by: Taxpayers of a Public School in Secular Christian America.

Notice, btw, their team is the INDIANS (so we KNOW there are NO Native Americans in the area. . .they’ve all been Prayed Away).

I ask again, as I keep asking:  Why do people have the need to pray so Everyone Can See and Hear Them?

(didn’t the First Coach of the Christian Team once say “Don’t pray so people can see you”?)

This is like all the Cellphone conversations that we have to hear now.

Whether we like it or not, we HAVE to listen to the chatter.

Even the Godly Chatter.


Go Team God. . .Go Team God!!


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