What University Chaplaincy can be


I first read this on Friendly Atheist.

Tufts University (Mass.) has a cutting edge Chaplaincy Program that models the best of what I think Chaplaincy can mean, in any context, now and in the future.  They’ve just hired a Humanist representative too.

The University Chaplaincy is charged with cultivating the development of meaning, purpose, and values in the lives of all members of the Tufts community, and we welcome Agnostics, Atheists, Humanists, the Nonreligious, and Seekers in all of our programs and services. We support the Humanist community in its ethical exploration and community life and value Humanists as crucial partners in interfaith social justice work.

Consistent with Tufts’ historic social justice values and commitments, the University Chaplaincy welcomes and affirms persons of all genders and sexual orientations and works to promote the full inclusion of LGBTQ persons in spiritual life and society.


All Chaplaincies in all settings could learn something from this “wide net” approach to supporting a community with radical inclusion and eyes-wide-open vision!


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