Christian Persecution


A hot and hotter topic in our world these hot days of summer:  Religious Persecution

As a former Christian, and strong current supporter of a Secular Nation that protects Religious Freedom, I mostly see and hear Christians crying out they are being persecuted (often fueled by FAUX Gnus).

I have two meanings in mind:  Christians are being persecuted (which DOES happen) and Christians are doing the persecuting  (which also happens).  And maybe, just maybe, the latter happens more than the former.

I’ll only offer something for us to reflect on next time we hear something about Christians being singled out, persecuted, oppressed or denied their “rights,” especially in the promised land where Jesus will one day be President America.

Here’s the historical contextual balance (with examples based on actual events):  

-A Christian group in Africa is being attacked.  That’s bad, of course.  So, might we ask, What did the Christians do to the local people and local religion when THEY came to Africa?  

-A Christian town in Iraq is hunted down by Islamic extremists (murderers and rapists actually) who want to force them to convert. . .One thousand years earlier, “Crusaders” (murderers and rapists actually) marched into that town and forced the conversion of the locals at the point of swords shaped like crosses.

-Some Christians support Israel’s right to exist because “it’s God plan” and cry when they feel excluded or oppressed in “The Holy Land”. . .While ignoring the persecution of the people who originally lived in that land, most of whom are not Christian or Jewish (But wait!, they say. This was the Land of the Jews first!. . .forgetting that it really was not, from ancient times). 

-A Christian candidate complains that she is being criticized for her faith. . .This occurs in a state where an Atheist is barred from running for office.

-A Public School Teacher is offended that they cannot stick bible verses on the wall and give mini sermons in class. . .That school district is stirred with fear that “Sharia Law” is coming.

-Christians in the military swear to uphold the Secular Constitution of a Secular Country filled with citizens of many faiths, and no faith. . . Legal challenges are necessary to force the U.S. Navy to reconsider putting bibles in their hotels, to cause the Air Force to scold Chaplains for seeking to convert recruits and to allow Humanist Chaplains to serve large numbers of nonbelieving soldiers.

Sometimes I wonder if the old line I often heard as a Jail Chaplain is best applied here:  

What Goes Around, Comes Around.  

A “karma” thing?

Moral of the Story:  None. . .But maybe a hint that those who claim to follow an ancient crucified criminal might just consider standing up for Anyone and Everyone who is persecuted for their beliefs. . .or non-beliefs.  Doesn’t it stand to Reason?  (oh, yes, I almost forgot. . .this isn’t about Reason, it’s about “My Rights and Freedom.”  And. . .Selective Forgetting

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